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Send in Your Photos to Help Assess Damage In Harris County Communities

Harris County is asking for your photos, videos and information on flood levels inside structures damaged during Hurricane Harvey. Submittals will help assess the damage to communities in Harris County. Your images, videos and information could be useful in that vital effort.

Please fill out the survey as completely as possible. DO NOT use this survey to request direct assistance or disaster relief. (To apply for FEMA Disaster Assistance, please visit:

Submit a home flood report at: You may submit data from a smart phone, tablet or computer.

For Clean Up Assistance Contact

Due to the high volume of need following Hurricane Harvey, Crisis Clean up is providing a phone number to call and leave a message relating to your need.  Call 1-800-451-1954 to report your need. This number will be available through September 15th.  This is not a line for urgent needs.  It is likely going to take some time to get to your need.  For urgent needs call 2-1-1.