Updated :
Debris Removal for Harris County Residents


To learn how debris should be separated, click here. Note:  You should not stack or lean debris near or on tree poles, or other structures such as fire hydrants and meters.

Debris should be placed in the public right-of-ways.  If you don’t have a sidewalk, ditch, or utility line in front of your house, place debris no further than 15 feet off the back of the curb or edge of pavement.  Any debris placed from the sidewalk toward your property will not be picked up. 

To find out more about the debris removal process in your individual precinct, contact your precinct directly.



Welcome to the Harris County Recovery Network Website

In the event of a disaster or other emergency, this is your information hub for the weeks and months after the immediate emergency passes and recovery begins. If the emergency creates the need for shelters, food and water distribution or longer term housing we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. This is NOT the best source of information before and during an emergency.

The Harris County office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management will coordinate with the local news outlets before and during the actual emergency. The Harris County Recovery Network is here to serve you in the in the weeks, months and even years beyond the immediate emergency. Meanwhile, we hope you take the time to review this information from lessons learned after past emergencies.